Monday, January 25, 2010

Weather finally got better; sun came out and so Mom decided to finally take her walk; it is one of her new years resolutions you know(again!!!). So out the door she went; camera in hand. She decided to go over to the Conodoguinet Creek itself and see how it was fairing with all the rain. Water was very muddy and flowing quite fast. There was a manhole next to the creek and the water was somewhat blowing out the top. Water is to rise more over the night so flooding will get worse plus wind is to get worse. Oh: and one last thing; why is there a manhole next to a creek?

Looking out the back window to the runoff that comes off the Conodoguinet Creek which runs off the Susquehana River which connects to Chesapeake Bay.

Water pooling at end of driveway

So what's a cat to do on a rainy day? Keep hoping for a bird to fly by? Peer out the window and watch the rain.

A rainy, gloomy day but 61 degrees this morning???

I can't believe upon awakening how warm it was. When going to bed last night it was 36 degrees. Wake up today and it was 61. I thought I had the wrong town on my weather site. I checked but it was 67 in Ormond Beach and 60 in Houston; both of where the relatives are but too early for all that info since this is my lst blog. There are schools being let out because of power outages and power lines down in many surrounding areas. The creeks are arising!!!!! Not a good day to be out wandering around so took pictures out the window and off the porch.